Interview with Mario Buccellati

I am obsessed with Chef Mario Buccellati’s vegan cuisine.  I first had the opportunity to attend a 7-course open air dining experience of Mario’s back in September and have been enjoying his menu from Galioto’s regularly ever since.  Read on to find out the inside scoop on what he would order from Galioto’s, a message to non-vegans about giving vegan food a try, and who he is outside of the kitchen.  A truly interesting read! Read more

Interview with Eugene Kagansky, Founder of Body Factory Skin Care

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview Eugene Kagansky, Founder of Body Factory Skin Care.  I started visiting Body Factory for my own skin concerns and have fallen so in love with my results that I wanted to share more with all of you.  Whether you are a seasoned pro at skin care, or curious about getting your first treatment Eugene has developed a place where you will feel comfortable and welcome.  And your skin will thank you!  Read on to learn more about what sets Body Factory apart, what they have to offer, and the passion and philosophy behind the business. Read more

Dr Manolakakis

Are you one of the ladies that wants a more defined jawline? Confession, I am. I went to Dr Manolakakis to discuss using fillers to achieve this. Dr Manolakakis said that’s one option but went on to tell me about another option, MyEllevate™ .  MyEllevate™ is the next BIG thing in facial rejuvenation!  It’s a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure under local anesthesia that shapes and rejuvenates the jawline without the need for a face or neck lift or traditional incisions and skin removal. Dr. Manolakakis is one of the first doctors to be trained on this technique in Manhattan.  While traditional fillers only last 9-12 months, MyEllevate™ will last 5+ years.  I was excited to know this procedure would only take about an hour, the results would last without the need to upkeep so often, and that the downtime would be minimal with little to no bruising or swelling.  I am thrilled with the results, a refreshed and refined appearance to my jawline.  Read on to get to know Dr. Manolakakis and have all your questions about MyEllevate™ answered. Read more

Victoria Bader

“Patience and persistence are necessary values in order to achieve a successful outcome in any worthwhile endeavor.“ – Joseph Pilates. I am delighted to introduce you to the multi-talented Victoria Bader…fellow New Yorker, professional dancer, ballet instructor, and my personal Pilates guru. Her love of movement and extensive knowledge will peak your interest even if you’ve never discovered a love of dance. Read on for more of her story, including the program she developed specifically for postpartum moms, what you should look for in a Pilates instructor, her favorite things about NYC and words we should all live by.

Tell us a little about your professional progression from performing Ballet, to teaching Ballet, and now also teaching Pilates.

I started ballet lessons at 8 years old and it became obvious I was very suited to Movement and knew Ballet would always be in my life. Not only as a performer and teacher, also because culture, art and imagination are so important to all of us, it provides a place for our mind to go, grow and open then maybe change a POV. Additionally, I enjoyed being a place where anything is possible with HARD WORK that motivates growth. I began teaching at 16 years old, I discovered the ability to pass on information that was valuable to all my students that empowered them. The mind follows the body, once the body improved strength wise, the mind gets stronger and that inspires people. They see results, whatever they may be, this brings happiness. Read more


Larissa Wohl of Hallmark’s Home & Family

I recently had the opportunity to interview Larissa Wohl of Hallmark’s beloved Home & Family.  Larissa is the resident pet rescue expert, advocating for Adoption Ever After and when I saw her introduce my sweet Liberty on the show I just knew Liberty needed to come home with me!  Her talents aren’t limited to on-screen; she’s also been a news anchor, reporter and producer.  Beyond her credentials, she is also extremely down to earth and genuine.  Read on get to know Larissa a little better…  In addition to lots of talk about dogs (we both just love them!), you may be surprised to learn about her must-have beauty product, the one place in the world she feels the most relaxed and why she doesn’t buy designer.  I, for one, am adopting her favorite quote as my mantra for 2019! Read more

Jasmin Gabay Kimball

This lady is near and dear to my heart, meet Jasmin Gabay Kimball.  Jasmin, or as I like to call her The Fairy Dog Mother, founded Saving K9 Lives Plus. She tirelessly works the Los Angeles area to ensure no dog is euthanized due to a medical issue, no matter how much time or treatment they may need.  Jasmin is incredibly special to me personally because she saved my sweet Liberty who has brought so much love to our lives.  I can’t imagine if she hadn’t stepped in.  Check out the blog to read Jasmin’s inspirational story of hope and compassion, and see how you can help further her mission no matter where you live. Read more


Lois Robbins

They say you meet the most interesting people at the hair salon.  Well, I definitely met one intriguing and remarkable woman… Lois Robbins. Lois is a fellow New Yorker, an actress, playwright, art collector, and animal lover.  She graciously sat down with me to tell you all about her new film, upcoming projects, the keys to a lasting relationship, and so much more. Grab a latte, pull up a chair and get to know her a little better!  Read more

Interview with Dr Evan Antin

My furbabies and I recently had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Evan Antin, America’s Sexiest Vet, and learn about his new line, Happy Pet.  He seemed to peak a lot of interest so I asked for an interview so you could learn more about him.  Read on to find out about what he has in the works, why he wants you to volunteer, and how he feels about his “sexy” title…Enjoy! 😉 Read more

Sleep Dr – Dr Scott

If you are like me and approximately 65 million Americans that suffer from insomnia (difficultly falling sleep, difficulty staying asleep throughout the night or waking up too early in the morning), then you’ll want to read this interview with my sleep doctor, Dr Rebecca Scott. I was introduced to Dr Scott after undergoing a sleep study at NYU. I’ve been seeing Dr Scott for approximately six months and for the first time in years I’m making progress with falling asleep, waking up refreshed, being more energized throughout the day, and just overall feeling better. Read more