Interview with Dr Evan Antin

My furbabies and I recently had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Evan Antin, America’s Sexiest Vet, and learn about his new line, Happy Pet.  He seemed to peak a lot of interest so I asked for an interview so you could learn more about him.  Read on to find out about what he has in the works, why he wants you to volunteer, and how he feels about his “sexy” title…Enjoy! 😉 

What is a typical day like for you? 

Most of my days are either working at the vet hospital, traveling the world to see and work with wildlife, or being a homebody and enjoying my kiddos-Henry my 10 year old Chihuahua mix, Willy my 11 year old domestic shorthair cat, and Blue my 3 year old Russian Blue (I did not name him). 

How did you end up in LA?

I had family living in LA and loved visiting them when I was growing up. There’s some great opportunities in my profession, too. I found a perfect position for me at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital where I see small animal (aka cats and dogs), exotic pets and wildlife patients. 

How did you get started in helping and traveling the world for wildlife?

I’ve always been passionate about wildlife, even as a young boy growing up with a creek behind my house in Kansas. I got my travel bug while studying abroad in Australia and at that point realized the only thing stopping me from seeing the world and it’s wildlife was time and money. When I could find just enough of each I was gone. Over 40 countries and 100’s of wildlife species later, here I am. 

Tell my readers what you are currently working on? 

I think the two most exciting projects I’m working on are the launch of my brand, Happy Pet, and a new and exciting project I can share more about later.

Give us an example of the places you’ve traveled and animals you’ve met in the last 3-6 months?

I worked with Southern White and Southern Black Rhinos in South Africa in October. I worked with Philippine crocodiles and Binturongs in the Philippines in November. I worked with Asiatic elephants in Nepal in November as well. I worked with a Cheetah in Kenya this month, December. And just yesterday, on my birthday, I visited a slender Loris in Sri Lanka (December 12th). 

We met in NYC at a pop up event for your Happy Pet Line…what makes your line unique? What do you love about the line? 

My line is made with natural ingredients that are cruelty-free, from my eco-friendly manufactures, that are gentle AND effective. My favorite thing about these products is that some of them are things that are important for pet dogs but many owners don’t realize that. For instance my sun protection spray and stick-most dog owners don’t realize their furry friends can be sunburned or worse, get UVB-related skin cancers. 

How did the term America’s Sexiest Vet come about? And how did you learn about this title? 

Lol, the first time I was “awarded” People Mag’s sexiest vet was in 2014. They reached out to me and asked if I’d like to be featured and I thought it would be a fun opportunity. I don’t see myself that way as I’ve always been more into being “rugged with crocodiles” rather than “sexy with puppies” haha. 

How and why do you think you became so InstaFamous? Is this something you hoped and worked for? 

Part of the reason I started my Instagram account was to spread awareness for veterinary medicine, animal education, and wildlife conservation. I hoped to get a decent following from that but didn’t necessarily expect to go “viral.” My following skyrocketed in February of 2016 after some digital news sources, including Buzzfeed, Bored Panda and Huffington Post, when they featured articles about me and my work. 

How does your large social media following help your mission in life? Any downsides to life in the public eye?

Social media has been a MASSIVE help to educate the public about what it means to be a vet and wildlife conservation. Many people don’t realize how common allergies are in pets or that Rhinos are poached for their horns at alarming rates. For now, there hasn’t been much negativity regarding my life in the media and I probably have a lot of growing to do before that’s an issue lol. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Honestly, I’d like to keep doing exactly what I’m doing. I’m sincerely living out my professional fantasy at this very moment. I don’t want that to change!

Do you have pets? Who cares for them when you travel?

I have the pets I mentioned in question 1 and I have amazing pet sitters. I also send Henry, my dog, to my mom’s in Kansas if I’m away from home for extended periods. She has a small dog, Dusty, and Henry loves his companionship and flying around her huge yard. 

If you could have one wildlife animal as a pet, what would it be? 

I’ve always been fascinated, or maybe obsessed lol, with reptiles so I’d have a snake. 

How can people learn more and become more involved in preserving wildlife?

One easy way to preserve wildlife is to be an intelligent consumer-avoid single serving plastics that destroy the environment and kill animals that consume them or get stuck in them, when buying palm-oil containing products make sure they’re from sustainable sources and not from deforested regions of Borneo, don’t litter, etc. A more involved way to help wildlife is to volunteer at your local wildlife rescue if you live near one. Donations always help too but make sure you do some research and donate to a “good” charity. There’s lots of sketchy ones out there trying to capitalize on endangered wildlife. One good source is (I think). 

Coolest experience to date? Scariest experience to date?

Swimming with Tiger sharks in the Bahamas in October ROCKED MY WORLD! Best dives everrrrrrr!

Scariest moment was when an ex-girlfriend told me she thought she was pregnant after we’d broken up. For the record, she wasn’t. 

Words you live by?

-Think outside the box-I’ve run into many obstacles and many times their solution is not conventional, so don’t confine yourself. 

-Put in 100% to anything you’re serious about. If it doesn’t work out you can’t have regrets. 

-The sweetest things in life do not come easy. Be patient, work hard and put the time in. 

-Don’t judge others. You don’t know what’s going on in their lives or inside their head. 

-So cliche but I love this one-do unto others as you would want done onto you or however that goes, you get it.