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Arthur Ave

After a full day at the Bronx Zoo, we wanted to finish our adventure with a great dinner. Close to the zoo is Arthur Avenue, the Bronx Little Italy. This iconic street is lined by Italian restaurants, bakeries, and butchers. We ended up at the famous Dominick’s, 5 star eatery mid-avenue. Dominick’s is no regular restaurant, on Arthur Ave since 1962. Read more

Dylan’s Candy Bar

After Li had his first modeling campaign shoot in Long Island City, we wanted to celebrate with brunch and yummies after. Our first instinct was Serendipity 3 on E. 60th St. However, the line was huge as anticipated. We walked down the block to Dylan’s Candy Bar. This is no regular candy store; there is a restaurant in the establishment as well. Read more


I’m not going to lie, when my friend Stacey told me we had an 8:45pm reservation at Nix, I was not all that excited about the time or the location. I mean, I’m a mom, in my 40’s and rarely venture out of my neighborhood. I know, get a life, right, ha. Read more

Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies:

I joined Weight Watchers about a year and half ago and truly love it. I am happy to report I have lost 30-35 pounds (depending on the week) and have had several friends and family join with similar weight loss success. As Li says, it’s ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’ once you get into it.

I also happen to be a sweet tooth junkie so this is my healthy go to that does the trick 😉 Read more