Gua Sha

Do you Gua Sha?  It’s a routine I’ve fallen in love with recently!  If you aren’t familiar, gua sha is part of traditional Chinese medicine where you use a tool to comb the skin in order to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and promote healing.  After a few weeks of performing this ritual morning and night I’ve noticed a reduction in puffiness and inflammation, and an overall healthy glow in my face.  I also find the process very calming and stress relieving.

This is the kit I use: Wildling Empress Collection, which I chose because of the clean, natural ingredients.  I start by misting my entire face with the Empress Tonic to prepare my skin by activating skin detoxification.  Then I massage the oil into my face and neck.  The Empress Oil works with the tonic to hydrate and plump the skin.  Then it’s time to comb, to massage the ingredients into the skin to sculpt and tone!  I do my neck, chin, jawline and cheeks.  It’s a simple process that doesn’t take a lot of time, and I really appreciate the results thus far. 

If you are looking to incorporate some additional self-care by way of an in-home spa experience, I definitely recommend trying gua sha for yourself.