It’s Our Birthday!

It’s always been special to me that Li and I have our birthdays one day apart! (I was actually induced on my birthday but my stubborn boy decided he wanted his own day.)  Our birthdays looked much different this year amid the COVID-19 Stay at Home orders, but we still made it special and memorable.

My idea of a perfect birthday is pretty simple.  I want to sleep in, have the day off dog duty, eat whatever strikes my fancy, and spend time with Liam.  I got everything on my wish list, including pasta, cake and a glass of champagne!  Low-key birthday success!

Liam’s day started with pancakes by request and online school.  Once his schoolwork was done he opened presents.  To be honest we probably went a little overboard on his gifts since he couldn’t have a party this year.  He was thrilled with his AirPods, PlayStation, soccer jersey and Fortnite bag.  For birthday dinner he chose pizza, followed by amazing cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. 

Don’t mind us while we detox from all the carbs and sugar over here.  Although we look forward to resuming our normal birthday celebrations with friends and family next year, we will still look back on this one fondly.  Here’s to a great 43rd and 7th year ahead!