Sakara Life

You know, stress becomes a cycle…I stress about not having time to cook, so I order out and eat unhealthy foods, which just brings on more stress.  Then my skin breaks out, I feel sluggish, and the whole thing repeats itself.  Well, about 6 weeks ago I’d had enough. 

I happened to come across Saraka, a plant-based meal delivery service, and it checked off all the boxes.  Sakara relies on 9 pillars of nutrition to deliver nutrient dense, whole-food, organic, plant-rich, meals made with sustainably sourced ingredients, straight to your door. 

In addition to optimal nutrition, I love that I don’t spend any time thinking about what I am going to eat or preparing my meals.  I am trying new ingredients I never thought about before, but really enjoy.  Each week brings new surprises!  Plus, I can customize my weekly schedule to fit my changing needs. 

One thing I have already noticed is how this new way of eating is healing my body from the inside out…My skin has NEVER had a healthier glow, and several people have complimented my skin.  I can also feel my energy increasing by the day, a welcome shift when trying to keep up with a 7 year old all day every day!  Looking forward to what results are still to come in the weeks and months ahead!