Our 1st Valentine’s Day with Liberty ??

Liberty has been with us exactly 3 months this Valentine’s Day…and she is the sweetest gift ever?

She has grown, can pick up her own toys, barks when her brother and sister barks (not sure I’m happy about that one), can hold her head up better on her own. She still loathes car rides but she has taken a few rides from The Upper West Side over to the Animal Medical Center on the East Side of Manhattan. Read more

Love is Liberty and Liberty is Love

Maybe you have read my recent blog on Liberty, our new special-needs Biewer Yorkie with cerebellar hypoplasia. Well, she has been in our home for 3 weeks. It has been an exhilarating, educational, heartwarming,  and introspective time for the family. Bottom line: we love this dog immensely. We can’t see life without her. Living with a disabled dog is time consuming and stressful; similar to a human baby. You can’t turn your back. Every moment has trepidation associated with it. But, the sense of warmth and purpose and humanity make this activity worth the effort. Read more


Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” are the inalienable rights written about by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. We are pursuing all these things with our new special family member, Liberty.  Liberty is a Yorkie with the working diagnosis of Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a disorder that renders this beautiful baby girl with poor balance and coordination. We, as a family, decided to adopt this special needs dog after seeing her profile on the Hallmark Channel. She has every right to live in a loving, caring environment that we can provide. We are so excited for our new addition! Read more