Life Over 40 as an Influencer: Embracing My Multifaceted Journey

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

Hey there, lovely readers! Today, I want to take you on a journey through the exciting and unconventional path I’ve taken to become an influencer over the age of 40. So many people have questions about my life in this ever-evolving role, and I’m here to share my story and some valuable insights. 

My journey to becoming an influencer was far from traditional. Unlike many in this field, I didn’t start this adventure until my 30s, after dedicating years to the demanding world of medical device sales. It wasn’t until I became a mom in my mid-30s that I truly found my calling.
It all began with me sewing tiny moccasins for my son, Liam. What started as a simple creative outlet soon evolved into a thriving business. Through my company, I started collaborating with various brands, opening doors I never knew existed. But it was my adventures with Liam that truly set me on the influencer path.
Encouraged by my hairdresser and friends, I founded “Li & Me” in NYC, where we started sharing our life in the city through pictures. During Liam’s younger years, our twinning photos became a hit, and from there, everything snowballed. People started asking me about my brand, my niche, and whether I should focus on one thing. However, I firmly disagree with the need to pigeonhole myself.
When you visit my page, you get a glimpse into my diverse life. I’m a mom, a dog mom, a soccer mom, a woman in her 40s, a vegan, an animal activist, a coffee lover, a beauty junkie, and a fashionista. It’s a tapestry of interests that attracts followers from different ages and countries.
I believe in letting your passions guide your journey. I’ve always been the friend who came up with creative outfit ideas and documented every event with an excessive number of pictures (long before Instagram and TikTok). This led me to become the MLS Season Pass Ambassador for the New York Red Bulls because I was documenting every moment of Liam’s soccer journey.
My love for animals drives my work with many vegan cruelty-free brands. My striking red hair led me to partner with beauty brands. I only promote brands I genuinely wear or use. Initially, I worked with numerous brands, but as we grew, I realized the importance of staying true to myself and my passions.
Many people perceive being an influencer as an easy job, but it’s far from breezy. Each contract involves a substantial amount of time from start to finish.
My best advice is to stay persistent, focused, and seek help when needed. Building a following takes time and consistency. Keep doing what you love daily, as you never know who will see your post and where it might lead.
What I’ve learned from this journey is that authenticity is key. Embrace your passions and share them with the world. Don’t let anyone limit your scope. Your uniqueness is your strength.
After seven years, many members of my extended family still don’t fully understand what I do, and some people consider the life of an influencer as ‘not a real job.’ However, my advice is to keep going if your heart is in it. Even my own mom, one day, googled me and discovered several press articles on my life as an influencer.
In the end, being an influencer is about being authentic, staying true to your passions, and, most importantly, loving what you do. So, here’s to embracing the multifaceted journey of life over 40 as an influencer!


Top Tips for Aspiring Influencers:

Don’t Overthink It: Sometimes, you just gotta jump in and start. Overthinking can hold you back.
Capture Moments Everywhere: Start taking pictures anywhere and everywhere you go. You never know which moment might turn into a fantastic post.
Share Your Stories: Start posting and sharing stories. Don’t forget to tag the brands and locations to connect with a broader audience.
Network: Networking has been a huge key to my success. There are so many other influencers out there to connect with and support one another.
Embrace Your Authentic Self: Have fun and be you. Your uniqueness is your greatest asset.
Thank you for joining me on this journey, and stay tuned for more exciting stories and adventures! If there’s anything that you take from this I hope that it’s to embrace your authentic self and be unique.