A Fast and Fabulous Nashville Getaway: My Chic Adventure at The Fairlane Hotel

This was a fast and furious trip.

From the moment we touched down in Nashville, the vibrant pulse of Music City took us on a whirlwind journey. I’m thrilled to take you along for the ride, sharing the details of our swift yet unforgettable adventure, from our remarkable stay at The Fairlane Hotel to dining extravagances, cheering for the New York Red Bulls, and more. Let’s dive into the excitement! 

The Fairlane Hotel: Where Chic Meets Elegance in the Heart of Nashville

Our adventure kicked off the moment we crossed the threshold of The Fairlane Hotel, a boutique gem nestled in the heart of downtown Nashville. With its architectural grace, seamlessly blending modern design and classic charm, the hotel is a sight to behold from the very first glance. As we entered the lobby, we were embraced by the scent of fresh flowers and the soft glow of ambient lighting, ushering us into a world of chic sophistication.

fairlane hotel nashville

Checking in was a pleasure, thanks to the welcoming and attentive staff. The reception area featured an exquisite art installation and cozy seating where guests gathered for conversation, work, or simply to unwind.

But what truly set The Fairlane Hotel apart was the delightful surprise awaiting us at check-in – a glass of champagne. It was a welcoming touch that set the tone for our stay and instantly made us feel right at home. My kind of place, indeed!

Our room was a spacious oasis, adorned with contemporary furnishings and soothing earthy tones that created an aura of tranquility. Every detail, from the art pieces to the sumptuous linens, reflected the hotel’s commitment to offering an unparalleled experience. The room balanced aesthetics and comfort perfectly, providing us with a delightful retreat amidst our fast-paced adventure.

fairlane hotel

The Fairlane Hotel wasn’t just about beautiful accommodations; it was a treasure trove of amenities designed to create lasting memories. We couldn’t resist the allure of the Library Lounge, a chic and intimate space that invited guests to relax with a book or simply bask in the ambiance.

The hotel’s passion for art and culture was evident in its rotating exhibitions, which showcased the work of local artists. We spent time exploring these art installations, which added depth to our stay and allowed us to connect with the local creative community.

Being travelers who appreciate remarkable dining experiences, we decided to indulge in a meal at Ellingtons, the hotel’s dining establishment. While the menu didn’t initially feature many vegan options, the accommodating staff surpassed our expectations. The result was a culinary masterpiece – a vibrant salad and an extraordinary pasta dish that left us in awe. Accompanied by crispy fries and delectable cocktails, our dining experience at Ellingtons was a testament to the hotel’s commitment to ensuring our stay was nothing short of remarkable.


Morning Bliss at Bagelshop and The Wicked Emerald City Experience

The following morning started with aromatic lattes and delightful bites from Bagelshop, conveniently situated in the Fairlane Hotel lobby. It was a local hotspot, abuzz with both locals and travelers forming a line out the door. The bagels were freshly baked, the coffee was invigorating, and the lively atmosphere set the perfect tone for the day.

bagelshop fairlane hotel

bagelshop fairlane nashville

bagelshop nashville


In the afternoon, we ventured to the Penthouse Bar, hosting the Wicked Emerald City Experience – an exciting and visually stunning pop-up event. The pop-up changes with the seasons, and our visit coincided with this unique experience. The panoramic views of Nashville’s skyline were breathtaking, and the atmosphere was electric. The Penthouse Bar offered a distinct perspective of the city, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

penthouse bar

Wizard Emerald City Pop-Up Experience


Cheering on the Red Bulls and Savoring Twelve Thirty Club

The pinnacle of our adventure was undoubtedly cheering for the New York Red Bulls as they battled Nashville SC at Geodis Field. Amid a sea of rival fans, my friend Carla and I proudly sported our Red Bulls gear and cheered wholeheartedly. The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, but the thrilling climax came in the form of John Tolkin’s penalty kick, securing a victory in the 94th minute. The jubilant atmosphere in the stands was infectious, making it a moment to be cherished.

Post-game, we had reservations at Justin Timberlake’s Twelve Thirty Club, The Supper Club. It was an elegant venue with a chic ambiance, where the lighting was subdued, setting the stage for a night of indulgence. While the menu had limited vegan options, the culinary team’s creativity shone through, presenting us with a delectable salad, avocado cucumber rolls, corn ravioli, and side baked potatoes. The flavors were exceptional, and each dish was a masterpiece of culinary art. Combined with delightful cocktails, our dining experience was the perfect conclusion to a day filled with excitement.


Exploring the Heart of Nashville

Our stay at The Fairlane Hotel unveiled the proximity of Printers Alley, a historic district known for its vibrant nightlife and iconic architecture. We embarked on an exploration of this charming alleyway, a living testament to Nashville’s rich history.

Moreover, The Fairlane Hotel was strategically located within walking distance of the bustling [Broadway in Nashville](https://www.visitmusiccity.com/plan-a-trip-to-nashville/trip-ideas/b