Cleanse on the Go

I’ve never been big on cleanses…not because I doubt their effectiveness but because I normally give in and cheat by Day 4…Sad, but true.  This is why Cleanse On The Go is perfect for me!

They offer 1, 2 and 3 Day cleanses.  (I made it through the 2-day, thankyouverymuch.)  Did you know a juice cleanse can change your digestive system in a way that promotes weight loss, lowers blood pressure and reduces inflammation? So many great benefits made easy with convenient single serving packets to take with you on the go.  No more having to be near a fridge the entire time because the packets fit easily in your purse.  All you have to do is add water and enjoy.

Revival-Berries & Beet was my favorite flavor, but give them all a try and see what suits you best!  Post-cleanse I am feeling refreshed, like my system got a re-boot, and more dedicated to my nutritional and exercise goals.  I may just be a cleanse convert.