Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

If you have an asymmetrical face, don’t worry:

1)     It’s not that uncommon

2)     There are treatments to make your face look more symmetrical

Everyone is a little bit asymmetric but some asymmetry may be more pronounced.

What causes an asymmetrical face?

-Facial skeleton


-The way you sleep (hello, flat right side of my face)

-Muscle usage


-Sun damage


So, what are the options to correct asymmetry?  Surgery (implants) or fillers.

I don’t think my asymmetrical issues are all that severe but enough to annoy me, so the filler route was the right option for me. Also this provides the opportunity to try out the change before doing something permanent.  Enter Nicole…

I have been going to Nicole DeVincentis for almost five years now for Botox on my forehead (starting around the age of 35, or shortly after my son was born). I’m very protective with my skin…no sun on my face, no smoking, moisturize, sunscreen, eat healthy and so on.  The reason I’m telling you this is to show my wrinkles are minimal, just more reflective of my age. Nothing taboo about it and I’m not embarrassed to say I get Botox.

I decided to discuss my little asymmetrical annoyances, right side of my upper lip and both sides of chin on the jaw line, with Nicole.

She thought we could even out the right side of my lip with a little Juvederm and fill in the differences on my chin/jaw line with Radiesse. We also discussed putting a little Radiesse in my cheek area, particularly a little more in the right side since this is my favored side to sleep on (hello flatness).

Nicole is a true talent in her field. Not only is she funnier than all get out, she’s good at what she does, real with what she says and sees, and gentle with her touch.

She did the Botox in my forehead first and then put a numbing cream on my face. I sat with a cup of tea and girl talked with Nicole while I numbed.

After I was numb, she started with the Radiesse in my cheeks and this was relatively painless. I felt the injection a little more on the right side, which makes sense since I needed more on this side.

Then she worked her magic on my chin area. Injecting a little, standing back to observe and then going back in to work. I saw a glimpse in the mirror while she was prepping the Juvederm for my lip injection and I was beyond thrilled instantly.

My guess is, filling one side of the lip would be tougher than filling the entire lip as you don’t want to do overdo it or make the symmetry look worse. My lips are naturally full and ‘juicy’ so the injection went on the outside lip line more than in my lip area to try and even out the curve.

Nicole handed me the mirror and recapped what she did, how much filler was used and why she used that particular filler…and let me tell you, she accomplished everything I had hoped we could balance out!!

I’m not sharing this experience to push fillers or any type of cosmetic procedure on anyone…rather to enlighten the options for asymmetry. With that being said, I highly recommend going to an experienced, highly regarded expert in this area. Your face is not something to mess with. Also, I love Nicole’s philosophy that she would rather start with less than overdue and create a bigger problem.

Nicole can be seen in several locations but I love seeing her at Clinique YFT in the West Village. It’s a discreet hidden little gem with a chic cozy atmosphere inside…and I’ve bumped into a celebrity or two leaving the office (just saying).


Nicole DeVincentis
IG: @glowtoxnyc  / @cliniqueyft

West Village location
223 W 10th St

New York, New York  10014

[email protected]


Remember…Be you, do you, for you.