Make it a year of positive change! Veganuary is underway, and it’s not too late to join.  If you’ve been considering trying a vegan lifestyle permanently, or just want to commit to a month in order to reduce your carbon footprint, now is a great time!  It’s not nearly as difficult as you may think, and you will feel fantastic knowing the good you are doing for yourself and the planet.  Plus I have great resources to help you get started.

Veganuary is a non-profit organization that encourages people world-wide to try going vegan for January and beyond in support of environmentally conscious and cruelty-free living.  Last year over 500,000 took part in going vegan for the month of January.  To make things super easy, they have a free cookbook download you can snag here: as well as plenty of recipe ideas on the website, including snacks and treats. 

For great information like  ways to get in your nutrients, as well as recipes visit Vegan Tipster on Instagram here:

You can also re-visit my Going Vegan blog post for my favorite meal and snack ideas, store brands to try, and even restaurant suggestions if you are local to New York City:

Commit to 30 days today and join the movement!