Why have I waited so long?…
Yesterday I went to @nkdnyc luxury wellness center to try the Infrared LED light therapy bed that I’ve heard so much about…and it lived up to all the hype and more.

I’m in the middle of moving and to say I feel like a bus hit me, may be an understatement. I woke up sore, exhausted and with a pounding headache. The thought of moving more, unpacking, running my son to soccer camp and then heading to go try a treatment I’ve never tried before, made my head pound even more.

After being greeted by the sweeter than can be office manager, Erin, I was given a tour of the center as well as in depth explanation of the benefits of Infrared Led Light Therapy. I was sold after hearing it stimulates your skin to produce collagen and elastin ?

To be honest, like many things, I was skeptical after hearing the spiel that this bed could provide all the benefits being described to me…stress relief, relief of acute and chronic pain, muscle and joint pain, reduces cortisol, increases serotonin and dopamine (hello happy), tighten and tone the skin, anti-aging.

I can confirm many of these just after the one twenty minute session. After the treatment:
Headache= gone
Muscle soreness= gone
Stress= gone
Mood= Relaxed & Rockstar
All I know, is whatever I just experienced I need on a weekly basis!
Here is what each individual light benefits:
Infrared: stimulates deeper tissue
Red: stimulates tissues and cells closer to the surface
Orange: relieve hypertoxicity of the muscles
Green- absorbed by the bioelectric magnetic field that surrounds the body
Yellow- activates lymph system and stimulates the sensory and motor nervous system

I look forward to the next session and seeing the beauty benefits happen as well as the wellness and healing ❤️?

Oh and did I mention the delicious granola and tea bar☕️

200 West 57th, Suite 308
Ny, Ny 10019