My Fitness Journey with The Sculpt Society

Update! June 4, 2022

Trainer Matt put me through it this week!  It was a challenge and because of it I can feel my strength and endurance improving.  I am also continuing with my at-home workouts through The Sculpt Society App and this week really loved the 9-minute arms in addition to the 25-minute quick full body with Megan.  The app makes it so easy to choose a video or live class and basically erases any excuse not to workout.  Perfect for traveling and all those busy summer plans!


Health and wellness have always been a big part of my life but truth be told, I’ve slacked off the last two years doing minimal workouts. I’m extremely busy (like many of you) so I would put exercise on the back-burner. It was the easiest thing to cut out of my day.

But, I’m ready…I’m ready to get back into the groove of things. I’m 45 now and I want to make sure I still am as healthy and active for Liam as possible. I mention my age because I’m starting workouts again knowing my body doesn’t react and recover the same as it used to. It’s ok that I may never have my 30-year-old body again…health and wellness is my main priority.

To help with my fitness journey, I’ve enlisted The Sculpt Society! The Sculpt Society is the #1 Sculpt and Dance Cardio workout designed to empower women through movement. TSS is about feeling confident and strong in our own bodies and loving them for all that they do for us! The TSS method combines powerful sculpting and toning exercises with easy-to-follow dance cardio for a fun and effective workout.

The founder of The Sculpt Society, Megan Roup, is incredible. I love her positive outlook and find her training beliefs align with mine. Megan attended the Dance Program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Post-graduation she lived and worked in New York City as a dancer which led her to a dream-job working for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets Dance Team. She knew that there was something missing from the boutique fitness community, so she combined her passion for dance and love for fitness to create The Sculpt Society to help women reach their goals while feeling strong and confident.

The beauty of The Sculpt Society is even if you don’t live in NYC or LA, you can still do classes via their amazing online platform. The Sculpt Society App has a bunch of programs, no matter your fitness level, with lots of shorter workouts to easily fit your busy schedule. The 25 Minute Quickie Full Body 22 is my personal favorite because it tackles cardio, arm and abs in a short time frame with Megan’s encouraging style to pull you through.

I’m lucky enough to be set up with trainer Matt as I navigate this journey. His energy not only carries me through the workout, but throughout the day as well. As the saying goes, surround yourself with positive people! Our training sessions are a mix of dance cardio, dance arms, light weights with arms, standing legs, glutes, planks and abs. Lots of fun, high energy but I can definitely feel the burn.

Use my code LIANDME, to get a new member free trial + $15 off the already discounted yearly membership when you sign up on the website. The yearly membership with my code works out to be $13.99 a month! Click here to join!

I welcome you all to follow along on my journey! I will be chronicling my training sessions with Matt as well my online workouts (my goal is 2 sessions with Matt and 2 at-home sessions a week), how I’m feeling, and will be giving glimpses of my nutritional choices throughout the day. I hope this inspires you to make your own health a priority. You are worth it!