Liam’s Birthday

This year Liam chose to celebrate his birthday at Chelsea Piers.  With SO much to do this was the perfect venue for my active boy and his friends.  They offer birthday parties customized by age, so whether you have a toddler, a teen, or an inbetweener they will have a blast.
Liam wanted to do a field house party, which (shocker) is all the sports you can handle.  The kids ran around non-stop playing basketball, soccer, and a ton of other team games.  When they were good and worn out they retreated to the party room for pizza, refreshments, and gifts.  By the time they walked out the door every single one looked like they were ready to pass out.  You’re welcome parents! ?
Chelsea Piers is not just for birthdays…not even close.  It’s a top class training facility for ice skating, hockey, gymnastics, you name it.  Plus they offer summer camps, event spaces, fitness clubs, dining, a marina.  The list is basically endless.  You could spend all summer there and not scratch the surface.
My goal for Liam’s birthday is always simple: that he is reminded how very loved he is, and that he has an amazing day.  Safe to say, mission accomplished.  The day of his birth was the best
day of my life and I want to make his birthdays memorable every year in celebration of that and the amazing little person he has become.  I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for him!