Color Me Mine

I am always looking for fun new things to do with Liam during those colder months when we can’t be outside as often.  My mom is in town, so we decided to visit Color Me Mine for some creative time together!


Color Me Mine is a pottery studio with over 400 different piece options including seasonal decor, kids banks and figurines, picture frames, vases, lanterns and more.  You pick your piece and your colors, paint, glaze and fire your pottery.  And it’s worth mentioning all dinnerware is food safe and usable!  The Upper West Side location is only a few blocks from our house which is super convenient.  They offer individual reservations, parties, and even to-go options.  They also have several simple tutorials to level up your technique with bubbles, shaving cream, sand, stencils and more. 


My mom chose a llama.  I grabbed a cupcake.  Liam started with a sneaker and is now working on a Star Wars themed ceramic.  We had so much fun and I love activities like this where we make memories together and then have something tangible in our home to remind us of the day. 


Visit for calendar and to book your reservation.