The MLS New York Red Bulls Game: An Unforgettable Night From Suite Life to 90s Vibes

Hey, soccer fans!  I’m beyond excited to share the incredible experience I had at the MLS New York Red Bulls game on Saturday night. They invited Liam and I to their game against the New England Revolution, and let me tell you, it was an evening filled with thrilling soccer, delicious food, and some serious 90s nostalgia.

Game On!

The buzz around Red Bull Arena was electric, especially with the team’s new head coach and the addition of star player Emil Forsberg from Red Bull Leipzig. Forsberg definitely lived up to the hype, showing off his phenomenal skills and adding a new dynamic to the team. It was awesome to watch him in action and see how he energized the squad.

MLS New York Red Bulls Game

Living the Suite Life

Our tickets? They were for one of the swanky suites, specifically having access to the Provident Bank Suite Lounge. Talk about luxury! This suite had everything you could possibly want. We started our culinary journey with some gourmet delights like perfectly cooked salmon, juicy beef, mouthwatering lobster rolls, and fresh shrimp and crab cakes. There was even a sushi board that was as beautiful as it was tasty.

Suite Life at MLS New York Red Bulls Game

But it didn’t stop there. For those who prefer classic stadium food, there were chicken tenders, crispy fries, cheesy nachos, and juicy hot dogs. And the desserts? Oh, they were a dream come true. From rich brownies and chewy cookies to colorful cupcakes, delicate macarons, creamy ice cream, and the new candy wall – it was a sugar paradise!


90s Night Vibes

As if the game and the food weren’t enough, it was 90s night at the Red Bull Arena! The legendary C+C Music Factory performed live, and guess what? They ended up hanging out in our suite! We were starstruck. Sybil Lynch also blew us away with her stunning rendition of the National Anthem.

The whole night, the stadium was pumping out classic 90s tunes, which brought back so many memories and kept the energy levels high. It felt like a huge party, and everyone was having a blast.

Meg at MLS New York Red Bulls Game


The Big Win

The match itself was a nail-biter, with the Red Bulls delivering an epic 4-2 victory over the New England Revolution. The crowd went wild with every goal, and the atmosphere was absolutely electric. Red Bull Arena, located in Harrison, NJ, is super convenient to get to, especially with the nearby subway stop making it easy to travel from the city.

MLS New York Red Bulls Game


A Special Surprise

One of the best experiences of the night was receiving the best gift of all… a personalized “Li and Me” jersey. Liam and I absolutely love them. A HUGE thank you to the New York Red Bulls for this amazing gesture. It truly made the night even more special.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this was more than just a soccer game – it was a full-blown experience. From the incredible soccer action and luxury suite life to the nostalgic 90s night vibes and our awesome personalized jerseys, it was a night I’ll never forget. Huge thanks to the New York Red Bulls for an unforgettable evening. If you ever get the chance to catch a game at Red Bull Arena, do it – you won’t regret it!


Question for the Fans

What’s your favorite soccer memory from your own travels or experiences? Share your stories with us! ⚽ Comment on my reel where I show the jerseys.

Stay tuned for more adventures, and until next time, keep loving soccer and living life to the fullest!