Gelato class

Are you looking for a fun (and yummy!) activity in the city this summer?  My girlfriend Stacey so thoughtfully gifted me a gelato making class at Mia for my birthday.  I’ve been having some Italy withdraws so it was the perfect time to now book a class and take part!


Mia is a New York based culinary institute that specializes in gelato, with a farm to table philosophy.  They use simple, real ingredients from local sources to make clean tasting, delicious treats.  The class itself was around 2 hours long in a small group of about 12 people.  In addition to the gelato class they also offer a cake & ice cream making class (a good reason to return in my book!). 


It was such a fun experience, and nice to do something different in the city…a little hidden gem.  We made 4 kinds of gelato: French Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate and Caramel Peanut Brittle.  What’s even better is we got to take home a pint of each! 


Frozen treats just scream summer and getting to make them yourself adds a special something!  Book your class today at:  I gladly accept pints as a thank you ?