My First Trader Joe’s Experience

Admittedly, I am late to the game.  I am fortunate to have a Trader Joe’s a block from my house, but it is a VERY popular location and the line out the door has always been a deterrent.  Until now!  I found that 10:30am is the sweet spot to get in without a wait, so after much encouragement from my mom, my friend Stacey and SO many vegan friends I took the plunge.


Now, I can get lost in a market for hours so preparation was key here.  I was on a mission, so I did my research and made a list of all the vegan products I wanted to test out.  Some of the most helpful sites I visited were:


I want to share my personal review on the items I was able to locate and test out. 


Gimme More (these are the things I’d buy again and again!):

  1. Produce of any kind – The produce is so fresh, lots of organic options, and a great price point!
  2. Flowers – Gorgeous selection and very reasonably priced.  I also scored a bunch of seasonal gourds for my exterior and interior displays.
  3. Orange chicken (vegan) – Really yummy with a flavorful sauce.
  4. Vegetable roll – Good flavor and consistency.
  5. Chickenless tenders – Also a hit in a my house.
  6. Banana Bread – Such a good banana flavor.
  7. Vegan enchiladas – Would recommend.
  8. Mediterranean hummus snack pack – Very tasty; love the pine nuts in it.
  9. Strawberry breakfast bars – These were a big hit with Liam
  10. Strawberry applesauce – Also a favorite of Liam’s.
  11. Vegan kale, cashew and basil pesto – Really good and I’m a big pesto fan!
  12. Hold the Dairy Mini Coconut Dessert Cones – A great treat!
  13. Hash brown – Good and crispy.


Worth a Shot (I didn’t love these but would give them a 2nd try): 

  1. miyoko’s vegan cream cheese – It was ok.  I have had better vegan options.
  2. cold Brew coconut cream latte- Again, not my favorite, but ok in a pinch.
  3. cauliflower gnocchi – This is one I need to try again.  I cooked by package directions and it was mushy, but I have been told if I just pan fry it in some oil it’s quite delicious. 


Not my Cup of Tea (I would not get these again): 

  1. vegan mac
  2. shepherds pie

All in all, my first experience with Trader Joe’s was quite positive and I will definitely be back for some of my favorites and to continue to try out new things.  Tell me, do you agree with my review? What’s your favorite vegan product at Trader Joe’s you think I MUST try?