During these uncertain times I’ve found it so soothing to have fresh flowers all over the house. They smell good, spruce up my décor, brighten the space, and lift my mood. Did you know that having fresh flowers in the home can lower anxiety and fatigue, and just bring an overall happiness to your life? Sign me up! 

I’ve always loved having roses around but I’ve come to appreciate other flowers now too.

I never realized until recently how beautiful Lilacs are with their dainty purple petals. Plus they smell WONDERFUL! Lilacs symbolize happiness and tranquility and I can see why.  The scent lulls me into a peaceful feeling where I can imagine closing my eyes and swinging on a hammock on a warm Spring day.

Daisies have also made their way into my floral rotation. They are so cute and happy!  Daisies are by far the happiest flower with their bright yellow bursting like little rays of sunshine.  Daisies symbolize motherhood and new beginnings, which is right up my alley.  Bonus: they last a really long time! 

Lilies have become another favorite.  I particularly love the large blooms that come in so many colors.  Lilies add such a touch of elegance and make striking centerpieces.  They symbolize devotion and the meaning really resonates with me.  One of my favorite things to do with my lilies are tie them into a rustic bouquet and leave them on friends doorsteps as a friendly little hello in this time apart. 

Whenever I look at the flowers around my house I feel happy instantly.  It’s the little things in life and drawing closer to nature is one easy way to lift our spirits.  Liam and I have been enjoying our walks on nice days down to the flower shops to pick out new, fun arrangements for the house.  Each display gets a full life with us as bouquets are often re-gifted or used in photo shoots.  It’s become a quarantine tradition and one I think we will keep long after social distancing is behind us.