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Harlem Globetrotters

As I have been telling you guys, Liam has become obsessed with all sports!  He loves going to games, wearing jerseys, playing them, meeting athletes…anything related.  So when his dad recently took him to see the Harlem Globetrotters, well, let’s just say he is still talking about it weeks later! Read More

Love is Liberty and Liberty is Love

Maybe you have read my recent blog on Liberty, our new special-needs Biewer Yorkie with cerebellar hypoplasia. Well, she has been in our home for 3 weeks. It has been an exhilarating, educational, heartwarming,  and introspective time for the family. Bottom line: we love this dog immensely. We can’t see life without her. Living with a disabled dog is time consuming and stressful; similar to a human baby. You can’t turn your back. Every moment has trepidation associated with it. But, the sense of warmth and purpose and humanity make this activity worth the effort. Read more

Playroom Holiday Pop Up by Fatherly

Want to know how to keep a kid entertained and happy for hours?  Take them to a cave FULL of the 100 Best Toys of 2018.  We attended Fatherly’s holiday pop-up event, called The Playroom, and it did not disappoint.  Liam was thrilled with the littleBits workshops, Lego play station, the jump pit from RXBar Kids, and oh so casually mentioned that he would love to find a Monzi Go-Kart under the tree this Christmas!  Read more


You can’t live in the city and not have a love of the theater!  That’s why it’s always been important to me to take Liam to shows whenever I can.  I thought it would be a great holiday activity to visit The New Victory Theater and see ‘Boing!’ Read more


What’s the best thing about Halloween: COSTUMES. We can all agree that Halloween is the one day every year that you can acceptably dress up as anything. We were so prepared. The front of our home was decorated with pumpkins, spider webs, and skeletons. This year we decided to dress up like vampires. We used everything: white and black make-up, fake blood, lots of black clothing and capes.  Read more


Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” are the inalienable rights written about by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. We are pursuing all these things with our new special family member, Liberty.  Liberty is a Yorkie with the working diagnosis of Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a disorder that renders this beautiful baby girl with poor balance and coordination. We, as a family, decided to adopt this special needs dog after seeing her profile on the Hallmark Channel. She has every right to live in a loving, caring environment that we can provide. We are so excited for our new addition! Read more

IHG Rewards Club

An exclusive concert experience at Barclays Center in Brooklyn with a top artist.  A decked out suite to meet-and-greet with other members and enjoy a pre-event cocktail hour.  Then ending the evening with an overnight stay at the gorgeous and peaceful EVEN Hotels Brooklyn. Read more