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My Fitness Journey with The Sculpt Society

Health and wellness have always been a big part of my life but truth be told, I’ve slacked off the last two years doing minimal workouts. I’m extremely busy (like many of you) so I would put exercise on the back-burner. It was the easiest thing to cut out of my day.

But, I’m ready…I’m ready to get back into the groove of things. I’m 45 now and I want to make sure I still am as healthy and active for Liam as possible. I mention my age because I’m starting workouts again knowing my body doesn’t react and recover the same as it used to. It’s ok that I may never have my 30-year-old body again…health and wellness is my main priority. Read more

Wine Pairings with Castello di Amorosa

Castello di Amorosa is one of my favorite wine makers.  I love visiting their authentically-styled 13th century Tuscan castle winery in the Napa Valley (highly suggest going for a tasting experience if you are in the area).  Fortunately, if you aren’t planning a trip (or lucky enough to live nearby) you can also enjoy their selections at home!

I just stocked up on some of my favorites so I thought I would share with you how I like to serve them for my guests with some delicious pairings. Read more

C Space

Two years ago I made the decision to go vegan so I’m still discovering a lot about a vegan lifestyle including brands, restaurants and recipes.

I’ve always been a veggie, salad and fruit lover so that part is extremely easy for me. When you think of vegan, people automatically assume you primarily eat salad and veggies but there are so many options available and I love to make sure I am eating a variety of nutrients.

I recently joined C-Space to share my feedback with top brands in the food-focused research community, and earn rewards in the process.  This community consists of foodies across the US who will be weighing in on important food topics such as taste, cravability, healthy eating and sustainable food sources. If you’re interested in talking to with others about the flavors of life and sharing your opinions with some of the world’s biggest brands than this community is for you!  Members selected to participate in this exclusive community will have the chance to earn monthly Amazon gift codes for sharing their thoughts in research activities! Earn rewards and help inform the future of food at the same time! All participant feedback and opinions are kept confidential.  Spots in the community are limited, so if you’re interested please sign up here today:  Read more

Zoom Boom

Did you know Botox and fillers were actually on the rise the last 2 years? In fact, over 9 billion dollars were spent on aesthetic procedures in 2020.  I assumed Covid would have caused a huge decline, but it was quite the opposite. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists attribute this sudden rise to something called the ‘Zoom boom.’ As ‘work from home’ became the new normal, people started noticing their appearance and looks during their Zoom meetings. Enter @dr.umbarm. Read more


Trip to Arkansas

My brother and his wife just moved down to Arkansas to help open the Saracen Casino in Pine Bluffs. They are open now and a perfect resort for gambling enthusiasts and foodies alike!

My mom, niece, Liam and I decided to road trip down from Illinois to visit my brother and found there’s so much to do in the area! Hot Springs, Arkansas is about an hour and a half away, and Little Rock is only about an hour. We were able to visit both and I wanted to share some of my favorite activities and restaurants to help you plan your next trip!

Read more


4 Supplements for Glowing Skin

If there’s one thing I have discovered, it’s skincare is a lifelong journey.  Our skin is constantly changing with age, environmental factors, stress, hormones, diet, and countless other things.  I recently shared My Favorite Things: Skin Care Edition, full of my favorite topical skincare products.  Today I wanted to share with you my holy grail of supplements that have had the greatest impact on the health and appearance of my skin*. Read more

Interview with Mario Buccellati

I am obsessed with Chef Mario Buccellati’s vegan cuisine.  I first had the opportunity to attend a 7-course open air dining experience of Mario’s back in September and have been enjoying his menu from Galioto’s regularly ever since.  Read on to find out the inside scoop on what he would order from Galioto’s, a message to non-vegans about giving vegan food a try, and who he is outside of the kitchen.  A truly interesting read! Read more

Interview with Eugene Kagansky, Founder of Body Factory Skin Care

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview Eugene Kagansky, Founder of Body Factory Skin Care.  I started visiting Body Factory for my own skin concerns and have fallen so in love with my results that I wanted to share more with all of you.  Whether you are a seasoned pro at skin care, or curious about getting your first treatment Eugene has developed a place where you will feel comfortable and welcome.  And your skin will thank you!  Read on to learn more about what sets Body Factory apart, what they have to offer, and the passion and philosophy behind the business. Read more